SANT KONFERENS 2024 24-26 april, Uppsala

Anteckna datumet! 24-26 april har SANT sin årliga konferens i Uppsala, på temat Improvisation. Fundera på panel och skicka förslag senast 27 januari. Call for papers kommer att öppna 5 februari, och deadline för enskilda bidrag är 8 mars.

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In a global context where precarity is growing, improvisation plays a central role for the majority of the world’s population living with uneven access to primary resources such as food, water and healthcare which mark the current unequal social, political, environmental, and economic conditions across the world. Yet, improvisation may also be a way to reimagine the future, by turning forms of anticipation, like uncertainty, fear and anxiety, into new pathways of possibility and hope. Improvisation, as the adaptation to adverse circumstances, has been the subject of several anthropological scholarships in order to analyze how a precarity is transformed into possibility by people in need. However, improvisation is not merely defined by people in vulnerable conditions. Anthropologists have also shown that the powerful and elite across commercial, scientific, and political sectors expand and exercise their acts of grabbing and extraction by different techniques and tactics of improvisation that are often hidden behind discourses of objectivity, progress, and innovation. At the same time, anthropologists tend to work with improvisation theoretically and methodologically: defining and seeing the field, making encounters, translating and representing all seem to involve different forms of improvisation.

Whether as the subject, method, theory or context, improvisation has played and continues to play an important role in anthropological imagination.

The conference invites contributions reflecting on the many facets of improvisation, for instance: the Improvisation of Movements, Care, Livelihood, Infrastructure, Finance, Power, Wealth, Time, Space, Relationships, Knowledge, Methods and Theory among many other possibilities.

Call for panels

Panels are thematically designed and are 2 hours long. They should not have more than five papers. Please send a title and 250 word abstract of your panel proposal, as well as a list of presenters and their tentative paper titles together with contact details to UppsalaSANT2024@gmail.com. Proposals can be made in either English or Swedish.
The call for panels is open, the deadline is on JANUARY 27.

Call for papers

It is also possible to propose single papers. Please send a 250 word abstract of your paper with title and contact details to UppsalaSANT2024@gmail.com. Proposals can be made in either English or Swedish.

The call for papers opens on February 5, the deadline is on MARCH 8.

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Contact us at: UppsalaSANT2024@gmail.com